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Manzo al Fumo d’aglio

To light the fire with the coal about 1/2 hourbefore cooking the meat. To soften the garlic dipping it in 1/4 of liter of water. With a pot to heat the oil to middle fire. To cook for 3-4 minutes the onion up to it is not soft. To add ginger and garlic elegantly minced and to mix for about 30 seconds. To put in a bowl and to add the guinea pepper, the vinegar, the sugar, the salt and the cipollotti. To mix for about 1 minute. The meat must be cooked first for 7 minutes from an alone side and then, after having drained the cloves of garlic and to have thrown them on the fire, others 5-7 minutes from the other side. When the cooking is finished leave to rest the meat for about 5 minutes on a course dish. Before serving to pour above it the sauce of onions and tomatoes.

Time 45 min.
Persons 6 No.
Calories 220 g.
Proteins 26 g.
Cholesterol 75 mg.
Lipids 11 g.
Fat 3 g.
Sodium 105 mg.

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