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Rotoli alla griglia con Cipolle stufate

To take a bowl and to mix inside it the little onions, the currants, the salt, the vinegar and 1/4 of liter of water. To let boil an instant and to lower the fire leaving stop boiling up to when the liquid won't have dried (about 15-20 minutes). To light the charcoal slackin time to be ready for the cooking of the rolls. To open the beefsteaks to half and to anoint them with mustard, parsley and some pepper. To wind the little slices of beefsteaks and to tie themwith kitchen thread. Once cooked the little onions to put them aside. The rolls are go cooked about 8 minutes having the adroitness to turn them every 2 minutes. To garnish a course dish with the little onions, to insert the rolls and to serve.

Time 60 min.
Persons 4 No.
Calories 230 g.
Proteins 21 g.
Cholesterol 45 mg.
Lipids 5 g.
Fat 2 g.
Sodium 305 mg.

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