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Triangoli ai Funghi

Drain the mushrooms for the stuffing and preserve the water. To mince the mushrooms slightly, to pass them and to put them in a wide frying pan. To add the shallots, 2/3 of the garlic and the fresh mushrooms. To pour the water of the mushrooms and to boil to sustained fire. To cook for about 5 minutes, until the whole liquid doesn't evaporate, then to add wine, the vinegar, half the salt and a good ground of pepper. To continue to mix up to the complete evaporation of the liquid (5 minutes around), then to add the bread crumb and to put aside to cool. To mix in a casserole the tomatoes for the sauce, the onion, the carrots and the rest of the salt. To add 4 spoons of water and behavior to boil. To cook to when entirely almost the liquid from the vegetables is evaporated (aboout 20 minutes), then to beat the sauce in the blender. To pour again the sauce in the casserole, to add whipped cream and to put aside. To prepare the triangles dividing pasta in four pieces and to cover with the transparent film three of them not to let dry. To stretch the fourth piece to form a strip of 12,5 cms of width and about 1 mms of thickness. To cut the strip of pasta every 12,5 cm to form some squares, then to cut each of it in others four. To put in the center of every square a teaspoon of stuffing. To dampen the edges of two adjacent sides and to fold up them to cover the stuffing on the opposite sides, to practice with the fingers enough pressure to do to close the triangle and to continue to exhaust pasta and stuffing actually. To put the triangles in 3 liters water in ebullition, to add a teaspoon of salt. After one minute, to check the cooking holding the triangles not very cooked. To heat the sauce to middle fire. If the sauce is too dense to add 1 or 2 spoons of the water of cooking of the pasta. Drip the triangles, to put them in a course dish and to sprinkle above the warm sauce. To serve with parmigiano scratched apart.

Time 50 min.
Persons 6 No.
Calories 265 g.
Proteins 10 g.
Cholesterol 60 mg.
Lipids 8 g.
Fat 3 g.
Sodium 290 mg.