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Glassata all’Arancia

To bring the oven to 170° C. To prepare, in a baking-pan of about 18-20 centimeters of diameter, the oven paper. To take a bowl and to mix flour, yeast and margarine (for the margarine to use the fingers). Some granules have to form. To unite the bark of orange and the sugar. To take another bowl and to mix the juice of orange and the eggs beating with a fork up to they have not amalgamated. To this point to add them to the other ingredients. In an enough capacious baking-pan to pour the everything, to level with a spoon and to bake for about 1 hour until is not well raised. After the cooking to shift the cake and, after having let it cool, to remove the paper. To realize a cream using the juice of orange dusted of icing sugar. To mix up to when it won't get an enough solid cream. To sprinkle the cake with the icing and to help the drops to also go down on the sides. After having added the bark of orange, to put back up to that the icing won't be dry.

Time 210 min.
Persons 14 num.
Calories 214 g.
Proteins 3 g.
Cholesterol 30 mg.
Lipids 7 g.
Fat 2 g.
Sodium 100 mg.

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