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Pollo con Cannella

To bring the oven up to 170° C. To mix in a dish the flour, the salt and the pepper. To take a small bowl and to beat the white of egg, then to unite the cinnamon and the curcuma. To turn the chicken in the flour and subsequently in the white of egg and at the end in the bread crumb. To take a heat-resistant pan, to heat the oil and to deposit the pieces of chicken without superimposing them. To cook for 2 minutes and to turn them. To this point to bake for 30 minutes. To remove from the oven the heat-resistant pan and to increase the temperature up to 230° C. To attend some minute then to put again in oven for others 4-5 minutes. The surface with the bread crumb has to become without growing dark crisp and gilded. To serve warm.

Time 60 min.
Persons 4 num.
Calories 425 g.
Proteins 47 g.
Cholesterol 125 mg.
Lipids 17 g.
Fat 3 g.
Sodium 565 mg.

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