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Ciambella alle Noci e Cocco

To take a baking-pan of 22 centimeters of diameter with the hole, to anoint it and to heat the oven up to 180° C. To sprinkle in the fund of a bowl, flour and yeast, then to add margarine crushing it slightly together with the flour. When the mixture will form some small granules we add scratched bark of lemon, the coconut and the sugar. In a container apart to mix emphatically honey, milk, eggs. To unite the contents of the two bowls, to move to the baking-pan preparing in uniform manner. To crush margarine in a bowl, previously filled of flour. To mix slightly with the coconut and the sugar. To dust the all on the dessert. To bake for about 1 hour. The bun will have to leaven and to solidify. With the help of a knife to remove the bun from the baking-pan and to set down it on a course dish.

Time 210 min.
Persons 16 num.
Calories 230 g.
Proteins 3 g.
Cholesterol 35 mg.
Lipids 10 g.
Fat 4 g.
Sodium 145 mg.

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