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Rotoli di carne con Noci e Crescione

Beating the slices of meat up to a thickness of 3 millimeters In a very capacious pot with 2 liters hot water to dip the watercress for 30 seconds. To add the spinaches too, and to mix emphatically for about 15 seconds. Once we havedrained the vegetables to mince them elegantly. To let brown for 1 minute the nuts, the rosemary and the anchovies in a greasy frying pan of ½ spoon of oil. To add the vegetables,the salt and some pepper. To remove the frying pan from the fire and to heat the oven up to 220° C. To smear the stuffing on every slice of meat and to roll up them.To add some oil and with a heat-resistant pan to bake them for 15 minutes. To remove them from the oven and to leave them to rest for 5 minutes.To cut them transversally in 6-8 very thin slices.

Time 40 min.
Persons 8 No.
Calories 190 g.
Proteins 22 g.
Cholesterol 60 mg.
Lipids 11 g.
Fat 2 g.
Sodium 145 mg.

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